This Is 32

¡Hola Amiga – Buenos dias!

It’s my birthday today and I have been looking forward to this day since mid-Spring!

I set my heart on blogging and today is the deadline I gave myself to publish my first post. I brainstormed a plan for my emotions. I had to. I’m a private and conservative person. I’m a social introvert. Therefore, my main goal was to take small steps towards opening up my emotions and life into the world wide web via the internet and getting my feet wet with the online world these past seven months.

Here I am, curled up in the corner of my grey faux-leather couch, wearing my favorite comfy and perfectly worn-in yoga outfit, and the sound of the not-so-silent, yet calming night in the background, as I type away on the recently sanitized black keyboard of my Mac laptop.

Did I mention it’s 5:00 AM and I have, yet to snuggle and fall asleep next to my wonderfully warm husband, since laying my daughter to sleep for the third time tonight? There goes the idea of uninterrupted work while they sleep. Sadly, her sleep is being broken as she’s still recovering from the awful tummy flu my husband and I also experienced during the Thanksgiving weekend; however, I am completely grateful that she’s now eating, her cheeks have warmed up in color, and the sparkle in her eyes is returning.

Mental note to thank my husband in a couple of hours for hearing her cry this time and comforting her. I didn’t have to walk up the carpeted stairs for the fourth time, but yet, again, I wouldn’t have bothered me to hold her close to me like when she was a newborn and being allowed a peek of her long and curled eyelashes in the dark, thanks to the soft fluorescent street light coming in through the bedroom window.

This night is actually perfect for writing and publishing my first blog post! A reflection of my 32nd year of life on my actual birthday. Cool! Is it cool, say cool? Anyway. I’ve officially been awake for 24 hours. My weekday alarm just went off on my Fitbit. 5:15 AM. I have today, Friday, off from work. You know, because it’s my birthday. Thank goodness.  How proud I am of myself today as I look back and can list the many accomplishments under my new and ever-evolving “Vanessa: individual, mami, wife, daughter, friend, and neighbor” belt. Individual. That’s the one I felt I had lost this past year as I focused on excelling at being a mami and wife, so I promised myself I would  begin to intentionally regain myself one day at a time. Better and wiser. And more fun and energetic because I have a toddler to entertain! Can I get an Amen!


Mid-Spring 2017. That’s when my Instagram blogging account was born. There’s something so intensely therapeutic about connecting with another mamá who can read your words and understand not only what you’re trying to express and free from within under a curated highlight-reel of photos, but actually be able to emotionally place themselves in that very moment you so vulnerably shared with her, and let’s be real — the world — because she has been there. Multiple times. Under a different name and a different roof, but with the same great womanly heart. El mismo gran corazón de mujer.

The sweet orange and yellow sorbet sunrise rays are forming and peeking slowly through the sheer ivory living room curtains. I forgot to close the window panels after dinner. I’m glad. I can’t help, but smile, as I sip on my lukewarm, almost cold, ginger root and cinnamon stick boiled tea, flavored with a squeeze of lemon juice and a pinch of ground turmeric root, on this crisp 56 degree fall morning. Bienvenido diciembre. We were waiting for you December. We are now 24 days away from celebrating Christ our Lord, but meanwhile, we can follow along with fun and memorable family traditions of decorating our Christmas tree with most of our familia on their tippy-toes, having our Elf on a Shelf surprise us with her mischievous, yet silly behavior every morning, and welcoming all the possible arts & crafts. My DIY lover raise your hands up in the air!

Cheers to all the new moms as they join me in embarking in the journey to regain their new and improved (and completely sleep-deprived) self after baby. We’re strong, and behind us are more strong women cheering us on for when we have great achievements, but especially in moments of doubt.

*Note to Self: Love yourself. Allow yourself grace. Allow other women grace.

Please let me know how I may serve you better as we take this journey together.

Cheers to publishing my first blog post on deadline & happy 32nd birthday to me!




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    1. ¡Gracias Ericka! One of the best birthday presents is your sincere support as I launch my personal space here to inspire and connect with the other women. Thank you! Cheers!

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