Toddler Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating


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Happy Valentine’s Day amiga!

Not a major holiday in our household, since we believe LOVE should be celebrated every day, but having a toddler brings new light and fun into these small holidays! Don’t you agree?

We can feel like kids, again!

Plus, this is a great way to start getting used to helping our little toddler girl with future school projects!

Something, I can wait for though! ; )


We were at the market on our bi-weekly grocery shopping trip and I spotted this Valentine Message Cookie Decorating Kit — it was in our shopping cart without a second thought!

We make an effort to shop the perimeter of markets, as opposed to the inner isles so we choose healthier options, but this kit caught my eye, girl! haha

It was right next to the bulk section where we get our oats, beans, and nuts (and sometimes dark-chocolate covered pretzels for our Netflix trail mix! Keeping it real.)

First Cookie Decorating Experience

Our daughter is 2.5 years old and I thought this kit was perfect for her first Valentine’s Day cookie decorating experience!

Which holiday was your first cookie decorating experience with your child?

I have not decorated Valentine’s Day cookies since I baked a batch for my husband when we were newlyweds. They were delicious!

I opted not to bake with her for the first time because I’m not ready to handle the experience, yet, but perhaps by mid-summer when Ellie is a full 3 years old!

This cookie decorating kit is super easy and not messy at all (thank goodness the sprinkles didn’t spill! haha)

FYI, a good-to-know detail is that this kit is sealed with a badge of having been created in a peanut-free factory, so it’s safe, if you or your toddler are allergic to pea(nuts).

Also, the sugar cookies are delicious on their own, too!


Red, Pink, White, Oh, My!

Ellie was super excited when she saw the red, pink, and white heart-shaped sprinkles through the bottom of the heart-shaped box!

As soon as I opened the box for her that’s the first thing she picked up!

Which is so funny because once I opened the icing tubes for her and showed her how to squeeze the icing out and on to the cookie, she forgot all about the sprinkles… toddlers!


At one point Ellie didn’t want a new cookie! She just kept adding the icing to that ONE sugar cookie! All three colored-icings, if I may add, all on top of each other!

Looked SUPER SWEET! Literally.

She finally added sprinkles and tried to imitate my decorating. She’s very observant.

I admit, her hand-eye coordination skills are really great! I’m a proud mama.


I want to share a little small fact that made this day extra special.

My tiny dancer is wearing a 18-month-sized onesie in these photos and it fits perfectly! She’s now usually wearing between a 2T and 3T, so it was quite a surprise when she asked me to put it on her and it actually still fit her.

It’s like she knew that having her decorate cookies was bittersweet for me! She’s growing up so fast! I was so happy to see that she’s actually still physically my baby and not a big kid, yet! haha Do you relate?


I was so excited to have completed this Valentine’s Day cookie decorating kit a week prior to actual Valentine’s Day, but of course, here I am a little over a week after Valentine’s Day posting about it for you! #MomLife am I right?

Nevertheless, Ellie and I had a great time during our mid-afternoon ‘Arts & Crafts Time’ creating an art project in our kitchen that was edible and not to hang on our refrigerator or on her bedroom walls!

Daddy was also very happy to find some tasty snacks, made with tender loving care, when he got home!



P.S. Any day is a good day to buy yourself a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers for your home! Our favorite flowers are from our local street vendors.


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    1. I look forward to baking from scratch with her, but we’re definitely not there yet! Haha every child is different though! And there’s definitely nothing wrong with tubes and roll out — memories are being created!

  1. This is so cute! I LOVE when I see posts where kids are actually allowed to do the activity instead of just looking “perfect” for a picture. I bet your kiddos had sooo muxh fun with this, and the cookies are so cute!

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