DYPER™ – Biodegradable Diapers! Saving the bum and saving the planet!

What’s more important than your baby…nothing right?

It’s hard to get THE best when you’re on a budget and even harder when you can barely make ends meet.

Remember when the words compostable and biodegradable meant nothing to you?

Then your kiddos came along and you started to see what a mess things were — that our landfills are loaded with diapers that take 5 centuries to decompose!

Doesn’t that sound crazy depressing?

Not DYPER™ — it decomposes in 75 days, and you can compost it yourself! How awesome does that sound?! AMAZING!

You can be on a budget, still offer your baby the best, and reduce your carbon footprint to help our one and only mother earth!

Only $64 a month for the new revolution in diapers!

Depending on how old your baby is and your current potty training situation with your toddler you can be saving $30+ per month. Parents can easily spend up to $100+ a month on diapers!

DYPER™ was kind enough to offer my readers a special freebie! With the links found in my blog you can get an additional 2 weeks free with a new subscription of DYPER™ diapers!

“DYPER™ — decomposes in 75 days, and you can compost it yourself!”

DYPER™, www.getdyper.com

“Guess what? 30% of that landfill is disposable diapers! [DYPER™] diapers decompose in 75 days, [others] take 500 years. Let’s be smarter…”

DYPER™, www.getdyper.com

These diapers are completely free of bleaches, phthalates, ink for designs (who sees them anyway?), lotions, pvc, and fragrance!

My daughter has a history of diaper rash, so this makes me very happy! Saving the bum and saving the planet!

DYPER™ diapers and wipes are made of bamboo, which is naturally renewable, sustainable, and hypoallergenic.

Best of all, they are delivered right to your doorstep — for FREE — shipping and handling is complimentary!

This is why I became a DYPER™ Ambassador!

My two-year-old daughter is still in diapers since our first run of potty training wasn’t successful — baby steps, ya’ll!

So, for now, I’ll be using DYPER™ diapers for her and my future children — for their future.

How about you?



22 thoughts on “DYPER™ – Biodegradable Diapers! Saving the bum and saving the planet!

    1. I’m enjoying these diapers! They’ve been great for my daughter and it’s a super bonus knowing that we’re being kind to our earth at the same time! Saving our future children’s home.

    1. Thank you Inez! Every little bit helps, but I think this is MAJOR HELP to our planet! And it’s so easy to be able to make a difference with Dyper diapers!

  1. This is so nice to know that there other products that you can use to help our environment. Sharing this to my friends.

      1. Isn’t it fantastic that there’s finally something we can do (besides cloth diapering) that will remove diapers from polluting our earth? So awesome!

  2. this is so good to know;; while my kids are both teens now, i do recall the dread and the guilt i felt using diapers.. my solution was to potty-train them as soon as i could.. but this is something that will make things so much better – for the future and for us

    1. I know what you mean! The first couple years I used cloth diapering while at home and disposable diapers when we were out an about. Biodegradable diapers will help this so much!

    1. Right?! Yet, I know people don’t give it a second thought and will continue using regular diapers that don’t biodegrade. I am hopeful though!

  3. This is so cool, I’ve never heard of this brand of diapers and it’s amazing to hear what they are doing to help the environment. Thanks for mentioning them!

    1. Isn’t it amazing Cecy! Makes me so happy to know our future looks bright! I cannot wait how much more can be invented to become biodegradable for us! To help people, animals, and all ecosystems!

    1. Absolutely amazing and revolutionary! I mean, 75 days in a landfill compared to 500 YEARS?! There’s no comparison! AND Dypers are so much safer for our baby’s body. Definitely my next baby shower gift!

    1. Kelley, It makes me so happy know that we now have option that is safe for our children’s body and also safe for the planet we will be leaving behind for their children’s grandchildren. <3

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