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My name is Vanessa, and I am the author, content creator, aspiring photographer, women empowering, and Pinterest-inspired mami-in-chief behind Life Of Torres. I am an American, raised with the beautiful Mexican culture of my parents, who has always lived just minutes away from the beautiful sparkling Southern California beaches and my favorite never-ending hiking trails found a skip and a hop away from home. When I’m not juggling life’s responsibilities, you can find me trying to finish reading a book (25 pages at a time), hiking or biking with my family of three with enough sunscreen for a family of six, or watching the latest film while enjoying freshly-popped popcorn at your nearest Pacific Theatre.

I am wife to my best friend, Michael. My handsome and supporting husband and I are high school sweethearts. We held hands and ventured through our teens and twenties. We attended school, traveled, and lived through life’s highs and lows as we continued building a strong foundation for our future.

We love to experience adventure together. For Michael’s 30th birthday, we decided to go sky diving! An experience we will never forget, and always recommend! For my 30th birthday, we continued to pray for our first child. Our prayer was answered as we welcomed our baby girl, Ellie, in the summer of 2016.

We have quickly learned that she will bless us with a lifetime of adventures! Michael and I are perpetually evolving into better versions of ourselves every single day thanks to our never-ending parenthood journey.

My love for my child and the powerful gift of motherhood led me to start a blog and an Instagram account, with the purpose of helping women by sharing my personal motherhood and new lifestyle journey (and sometimes my husband’s fatherhood because it’s always insightful to know what these important men in our lives sometimes are thinking! Right?).

This blog will not only help me document my mami adventure alongside my husband, but it will allow me to extend an open hand, ear, and heart to you who can hopefully relate, find value, and comfort for your own personal journey. We all started with no experience or training and every child we raise throws a different curve ball… My goal is to share what my family is learning and enjoying in life as we bring kindness, positivity, and love into the world during our journey.

You’re not alone in motherhood as you rediscover yourself through self-care, personal growth, community awareness, and love for living (with mystery food and baby-caused stains on all your clothes). Allow yourself grace, amiga.

Each month, you’ll find new content allowing you to enjoy motherhood a little more with your loved ones.

These two souls are everything to me. I am grateful for our parents, close family members, friends, and people like you that have brought light into our new life journey as parents. It truly takes a village to raise a tiny human. ¡Can I get an Amen!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. Do not be shy. Please send a note my way!



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